dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Julien Djouls Krueger X Jok'a'face

I need you to vote for my bro Selim from my band Post Offense. Help him to win a contest
You just have to click on "Vote" it just takes few seconds


Julien Djouls Krueger X JOK'A'FACE

julien Djouls Krueger X Lea Castel

Check out the new cover from my dear friend Léa Castel (Airplanes - BOB and Hayley Williams)

Julien Djouls Krueger X Léa Castel

Julien Djouls Krueger X Travie Mc Coy

Check out the new video from my man Trav McCoy and share it with the world.

We love you,

Julien Djouls Krueger X Hype Means Nothing

Okay guys, here's one important thing you need to know! My bro from HMN did a great great job
Check them out and spread the word.

JulienDjoulsKrueger X Hype Means Nothing.

Welcome to my official blogspot

Hi everyone thank you for checking me out. My name is Julien Djouls Krueger and I will share with you, the world, some doooope stuffs. Stay tuned.